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Taking the Sun Seriously: Staying Educated About Sun Protection

[dropcap style="default, circle, box, book"]W[/dropcap]e’re getting a jump start this year on preaching about what should be one of the most important steps in every skincare regimen- sun protection. We know it’s still only March, but during Portland’s dreary 8-month rainy season, it seems that clients like to remind us that they [...]

The Ins & Outs of Acne: The Means to the End! (4)

[dropcap style="default, circle, box, book"]L[/dropcap]et’s recap. Thanks to the research of Retin-A mastermind Dr. James Fulton, we finally know some important “truths” about acne: Acne and its cause are genetic, and most people have that genetic predisposition! The cause of acne, the REAL culprit, is inadequate skin cell turnover. Though not the [...]

The Ins & Outs of Acne: Unmasking the Villain (2)

[dropcap style="default, circle, box, book"]W[/dropcap]elcome back! Whether you’re someone (like me) who has fought their fair share of battles with the seemingly indestructible villain that is acne, and are anxious to learn more about it, or are just curious when it comes to the causes and cures of this medical anomaly, thanks [...]

The Ins & Outs of Acne: Where It Begins (1)

[dropcap style="default, circle, box, book"]A[/dropcap]t Be Smooth, we’ll tell you if we think your skin could use a little TLC! Especially for those clients who have acne-prone skin or are experiencing breakouts, chances are you’ve been given the “wash less, hydrate more” lecture, stemming from our philosophy that much of what causes [...]