Before and After Sun Products

How much do we like to pester you about wearing your sunscreen? We're not micro-managers here, we're health advocates! But this time we wanna focus not just on sunscreen (because we know that YOU know how important it is) but instead on what else you can do before and after sun exposure [...]

Best French sunscreen

Sunshine in Paris au mois de Mai. In may all Parisians will be sitting at the cafe and enjoying the return of good weather. These are French favorite sunscreens, Bioderma Photoderm LEB SPF 30 a sunscreen formulated for people who get sun allergies. La Roche Posay Anthelios SPF 50 the most famous [...]

Sneaky places that hide skin cancer

Check out these places where skin cancer can hide. At Be Smooth we recommend you see a dermatologist once a year to check your skin, if your dermatologist is not checking these areas for skin cancer, see a new one! Melanoma of the scalp and neck has a higher risk of melanoma [...]