What is going on in the skincare world


What do you think of when you think of a massage? Many of us conjure up an image of a relaxing spa experience, but at Be Smooth we want you to experienca a result oriented massage! A Deep Tissue Massage. What techniques distinguish Deep Tissue Massage from Swedish or relaxation massage? Many think [...]

French people are obsessed about their microbiome….

I am back from Paris and everyone is talking about the microbiome… The microbiota refers to the 100 billions of bacteria that lives in and our body, the term microbiome is simply the genetic material of these microorganisms. 99% of these bacteria reside in our intestine (intestinal flora) and can weigh up [...]

Tan without the wrinkles

Formulating a sunscreen is becoming an art! We knew UVA made you age, UVB made you burn, now we are hearing more and more about Infra Red and the visible light... Recent studies show that IR are responsible for solar elastosis, in other words wrinkles and sagging, and the visible light, precisely the blue light is responsible [...]

Are you ready for spring break?

Introducing... Endermologie! We're constantly on the lookout for the best to smooth cellulite, and are excited to introduce you all to our latest find! Endermologie is the first non-invasive cellulite treatment machine approved by the FDA specifically for reducing the appearance of cellulite on the body.  [gap height="40"] But in the meantime... [...]