Advice by our French esthetician

Still trying to wrap your head around BB creams?

A BB cream is a tinted moisturizer that also protects the skin. It’s also a sunscreen that smooth wrinkles. A foundation that gets rid of age spots. A primer with anti oxydants. The point is, it kind of does everything. In a weird twist of irony, BBs (a.k.a blemish balms aren’t so [...]

Do we need to wash our skin twice a day?

[dropcap style="book"]Y[/dropcap]ou've read the instructions on the bottle, listened to the lady at the beauty counter BUT still wonder?!?!? Well I have seen more breakouts and dehydrated skin by excessive washing than anything else. Yes, you do need to clean your skin, but once a day is sufficient. Best time is in the evening to [...]