What do you think of when you think of a massage? Many of us conjure up an image of a relaxing spa experience, but at Be Smooth we want you to experienca a result oriented massage! A Deep Tissue Massage. What techniques distinguish Deep Tissue Massage from Swedish or relaxation massage? Many think [...]

Comedogenic ingredients with a grain of salt

If you are suffering from acne you and your esthetician should be aware of all cosmetic formulation side effects, but the comedogenicity also depends of the percentage of the incriminated ingredient. If the ingredient is at the top of the ingredient listing and it is highly comedogenic, avoid using the product, if [...]

We are serious about cellulite

I have been working with cellulite for the last 18 years and it seems there is a new miracle machine every year! So, faced with so many choices, what should a woman do?   -The orange peel cellulite- The first step is to understand what cellulite really is, I have seen hundreds [...]