French people are obsessed about their microbiome….

I am back from Paris and everyone is talking about the microbiome… The microbiota refers to the 100 billions of bacteria that lives in and our body, the term microbiome is simply the genetic material of these microorganisms. 99% of these bacteria reside in our intestine (intestinal flora) and can weigh up [...]

Q&A: How to get the best beach body?

Client: How can hydrate my back without acrobatics? Helene: Try Pevonia tropical mist, spray your back and let the moisture quench your skin. It has a delicious mango scent and it is boosted with aloe and hyaluronic acid. Client: I want to have the perfect tan this summer, what do you recommend? [...]

Are you poisoning your skin

If you’ve ever stopped by to talk skincare with us at Be Smooth, you’re probably familiar with our “less is more” philosophies, particularly when combating clogged pores! We’ve spent years working with clients when it comes to choosing the correct products that will encourage proper skin cell turnover, oil control, and other [...]

Tan without the wrinkles

Formulating a sunscreen is becoming an art! We knew UVA made you age, UVB made you burn, now we are hearing more and more about Infra Red and the visible light... Recent studies show that IR are responsible for solar elastosis, in other words wrinkles and sagging, and the visible light, precisely the blue light is responsible [...]

Endermologie at Be Smooth Portland Oregon Watch our video of Cellu M6, and endermologie treatment to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Endermologie is FDA approved to smooth cellulite. the entire body is treated, following a specific path to increase circulation, increase lymph drainage and move fat out of affected areas. After 6 treatments you can expect [...]