Still trying to wrap your head around BB creams?

A BB cream is a tinted moisturizer that also protects the skin. It’s also a sunscreen that smooth wrinkles. A foundation that gets rid of age spots. A primer with anti oxydants.

The point is, it kind of does everything. In a weird twist of irony, BBs (a.k.a blemish balms aren’t so great for acne as they don’t contain salicylic acid or other ingredients to help acne)

Here is what you need to know about BBs:

  • They offer some pretty impressive active ingredients but in such a small quantity it will not replace your anti aging cream, or your moisturizer if you have dry skin.
  • BBs have an SPF but in the same way any other makeup with SPF, you’re using too little of it to get the true SPF value on the label. And you are net reapplying during the day.
  • Well what does it replace? Certainly your primer or you foundation.
  • The appeal of BBs is that it packs 5 benefits into one little tube, so on a day you are rushing out the door you may be grateful for one step instead of 5!


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