Ingredient of the Week: Mineral Pigments

You may be familiar with the mineral makeup craze that began with the launch of the brand Bare Escentuals. With their foundation, Bare Minerals (which became all the “infomercial” rage,) they introduced the masses to the idea that cosmetics can be made by using natural and inorganic pigments that exist in nature. Users everywhere felt great about putting something on their face that didn’t contain chemical ingredients and clog pores; make-up you can “sleep in.”
So what exactly are mineral pigments and how are they used? They can vary in degrees of shine, from matte to sparkly, and can be used in combination with each other to create different colors and finishes. Titanium dioxide, zince oxide, and mica are three vary common ingredients used to pigment mineral makeup, and if you’re not yet familiar with how much we love titanium dioxide, let’s just say it’s a bonus to have both coverage AND sun protection!
Just be careful with other ingredients that can be found in various brands of mineral makeup. Talc, for example, is a common additive used to absorb moisture and prevent caking. Because of this, it can be incredibly drying, stealing your skin’s much-needed moisture!