Extend Your Tan

As we reach the peak of August and begin the downward slope into fall, let’s be honest- we’re gonna want to hang onto our tans as long as possible! Whether faux or real, we can extend our tans and help them to fade evenly by following two simple steps- gentle exfoliation and LOTS of hydration.

Dry skin, with no oil to seal in moisture, will dehydrate quickly. The skin cells begin shedding at a faster yet uneven rate, creating scaly patches.
The regimen is simple. Once or twice a month come in for a body scrub and we will gently and evenly exfoliate the body. EVEN YOUR BACK

At Be Smooth we use a French salt scrub, the salt particle are in a lotion based product. As the salt crystals gently polish your skin and gradually melt releasing the bounties of the Brittany Sea. body polish

Your skin is replenished with trace minerals essentials to well being and energy.

Also try swapping out your bar soap for a gentle body cleanser, like our Nuxe Reve de Miel cleansing gel, since most detergents will only over-strip the skin of oil.

Finish off by applying an hydrating spray, lotion or cream with a good emollient, or moisturizer (we’re a fan of butters and oils that come from plant seeds and nuts!) twice a day and you’re skin will stay healthy, fresh, and bronzed well into autumn!