Ingredient of the Week: Nuts and Seeds- Shorea Seed Butter

If our post offering tips on how to extend your summer tan didn’t quite get your attention, perhaps waking up to an overcast Portland sky did! We talked about how gentle exfoliation and properly moisturizing and maintaining skin hydration will help your summer glow last well into September. But what can we look for in terms of a good moisturizer? Common ingredients include water, some kind of humectant (or water magnet) such as glycerin, and an emollient, or the thing that does the job of holding moisture into the skin and making it feel soft and smooth. For the next couple weeks we’ll be talking about our favorite types of emollients- oils derived from nuts and seeds. Coconut oil or shea butter might come to mind, and for good reason! Many nut and seed oils contain awesome skin benefits, ranging from anti-inflammatory to anti-oxidant properties, making them better choices for your body than cheaper options like petroleum and mineral oil. This week we’re introducing you to a the lesser-known illipe butter, derived from the seeds of the tropical shorea stenoptera tree. With properties similar to cocoa butter, it’s a great moisturizer and helps restore elastin and flexibility to the skin. Come check out our selection of Roger&Gallet body creams, rich with illipe butter, which will help you extend your tan AND fight signs of aging!