See Sun Spot Run! At-Home Maintenance

You know by now that different methods of exfoliation can sometimes help in the fight against aging, particularly when facing those pesky sun spots brought on by frequent sun exposure during summer months. Just remember that chemical peels and retinol creams, while good for stimulating cell turn over and the fading of pigmentation, is only going to work on damage that has already been done. You are still responsible for the maintenance required to keep sun spots away for good!

First off, you need to know why and how melanin is produced.

In the bottom layer of your epidermis live cells called melanocytes, and their primary job is to produce melanin. When the skin comes in contact with UV light, the melanocytes work together with an enzyme known as tyrosinase and begin churning out melanin in an effort to protect the DNA in surrounding cells from UV damage. The dark pigment in melanin acts as an absorbent to UV light, similar to the way dark clothing absorbs sunlight and heat better than light clothing, and the effects can show up in a variety of ways, including sunspots on frequently exposed parts of the body such as the face and hands.

Now that you know the how and why, you can see that melanin is not a bad thing! But sunspots occur when excess pigment is produced, and there is nothing wrong or unsafe in fading these spots, particularly if you find them unsightly.

We recommend doing this by adding a simple step into your skin-care regimen (TWO steps if you’re not good about applying sunscreen!)

Look for a serum with actives (known as tyrosinase inhibitors) that will stop the over-production of melanin. Apply the serum each morning to your entire face or area of concern. Choose products with natural tyrosinase inhibitors, such as kojic acid and mulberry extract, over synthetic ones, such as hydroquinone, and remember that sunscreen is especially important when undergoing any kind of lightening treatment or regimen. Apply an SPF 30 in the morning ON TOP OF your moisturizer and/or makeup and reapply twice daily.