Rumex Extract

We last talked about the importance of maintaining the results of skin-lightening treatments, whether done at home or in-spa.

Remember, hyper pigmentation (sun-spots, darkened scars, etc.) is the result of an over-production of melanin in the body’s attempt to protect it from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

While treatments such as chemical peels or light therapies target existing concerns, it’s important to work products into your daily skin-care routine that will prevent pigmentation from happening in the future, particularly since post-treatment skin is especially vulnerable.
Try and work a serum into your morning regimen with active ingredients known as tyrosinase inhibitors, like our ingredient of the week- rumex extract! Derived from the rumex plant, this effective ingredient stops the over-production of melanin and is comparable in efficacy to harsh chemical lighteners like hydroquinone, with the benefit of being a safe and natural solution.

Like all active ingredients, be sure it falls within the first five ingredients listed on a product’s ingredient label to ensure it’s in a high enough concentration to do its job efficiently!