Product Picker: Au Naturale or Au-rganic?

[dropcap style=”book”]I[/dropcap]sn’t it interesting how the popular trends of today are less about the style of clothing you wear and more about the ingredients in your food and skin care?

Ever been curious about the “organic” and “natural” labels attached to those top-shelf beauty products at Whole Foods? These words should not be used interchangeably.

“Natural” means there are ingredients present that are of natural origin, although they may or may not be organic.

“Organic” technically means that 95% of the product is made with ingredients that are USDA organically certified, also of natural origin.

However, we feel the term organic gets thrown out the window once ingredients travel from the farm to the laboratory, and that true organic skin care is generally only attainable when made at home.

In the end, it certainly makes sense that you would choose a product made from natural rather than synthetic ingredients, but know that just because something boasts a fancy label doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better for your body OR your budget! Familiarize yourself with ingredients labels, learn how ingredients work with the skin, and, of course, come back later for more of our own thoughts on natural and organic products!