Macademia nut butter

[dropcap style=book”]I[/dropcap] love the fact that what’s good for your body on the inside can be just as beneficial on the outside!

Lots of people make nuts and seeds a go-to snack, not only because they’re filling, but also because they boast a ton of health benefits (depending on the variety, everything from anti-inflammatory to anti-oxidant properties.)

But, like we talked about last week when spot-lighting illipe seed butter as our ingredient of the week, you don’t have to EAT nuts and seeds in order to take advantage of the benefits. When found in the right amount in cosmetic products, nut and seed oil can help to boost the benefits of moisturizers.

Try macadamia nut oil, for example. Like illipe butter, macadamia nut oil is not as commonly seen in the cosmetic industry as, say, stand-outs like shea butter. It doesn’t lack, however, when it comes to its many skin benefits, such as its vitamin E content (anti-aging!) and ability to keep the skin hydrated by locking in moisture. And if that’s not enough, macadamia nut oil is incredibly lightweight, making it a perfect option if you’re looking for something that absorbs quickly!