Ditch Winter Dryness

While the change in weather this time of year is exciting in some respects (helloooooooo, boots ‘n scarves season!) the change it brings to our skin is not as warmly welcomed.

That tight, itchy, skin dryness you may be all too familiar with is due to a drop in humidity, causing water to evaporate quicker and skin to lose moisture more easily.

The good news is there’s an easy fix, generally achieved by swapping out your lighter summer moisturizer for a cream that is rich with ingredients that will help lock in hydration.

Check labels to make sure that the moisturizing ingredients are within the first five on the list.

Look for humectants (water magnets) such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid, and oils like jojoba, olive, and shea butter, beeswax  to create a barrier that will hold in moisture in the skin.

Oils derived from natural plant sources are a better choice than cheap ingredients like mineral oil or paraffin wax because they not only contain lots of vitamins and antioxidants, but also little things called ceramides that will help strengthen your natural lipid barrier, ultimately keeping the skin hydrated in the most natural and healthy way.
Take Pevonia’s Rejuvenating Dry Skin Cream. The first five ingredients are natural oils like safflower seed oil and squalane (from olive oil), and moisture magnets like glycerin. This makes Pevonia’s dry skin option, which boasts a small yet mighty ingredients list, a great option when adding to your winter skin regimen.

For dry skin types, use twice daily. Oilier/sensitive skin types can use it at night only.