What hurts more than waxing your underarm?

Permanent hair reduction with IPL….So….underarm before and after 5 LHE treatments Why Choose IPL??
Double standards are the worst. Why is 5 ‘o’ clock shadow sexy on a man but frightening on a woman? We’ve been taught to think that body hair isn’t feminine, and so we women desperately try to hide the fact that we even have it to begin with. And as we enter into a season of relatively little clothing, our concern is brought front and center! So what do we do? Our most seemingly convenient options are waxing (but needing to grow hair to a proper length for removal really doesn’t do much to help our cause) and shaving, which can yield results far worse than having, say, a little underarm fuzz, especially for sensitive skin types or those with coarse hair. I can layer shaving cream on vaseline on top-shelf extra virgin olive oil AND be using a brand new 4-blade razor and still step out of the shower post-shave with underarms that look like a naked mole rat with chicken pox.
But there’s hope! IPL, or intense pulse light, uses light/heat energy that reduces hair growth in a with technology similar to expensive laser treatments but in a safe, less-invasive way. It gives us another option on our life-long journey to permanent hair removal, even slowing down the rate of hair growth and resulting in finer, less-noticeable hair during the treatment process. You know what this means- less time spent shaving, zero razor bumps and ingrowns, and noticeable stubble! Let’s save those “5 ‘o’ clock” references for summer happy hours, where we’ll soon be donning sleeveless dresses without concern!