Q&A: How to get the best beach body?

Client: How can hydrate my back without acrobatics?back facial at Be Smooth
Helene: Try Pevonia tropical mist, spray your back and let the moisture quench your skin. It has a delicious mango scent and it is boosted with aloe and hyaluronic acid.

Client: I want to have the perfect tan this summer, what do you recommend?
Helene: Come in for a full body exfoliation a couple of times during the summer. Removing dead cells and sunscreen accumulation will leave your skin more radiant and hydrated…and we can reach your back!. Also after a day at the beach, shower using a gentle loofa so you don’t sleep in these chemical sunscreens.

Client: I exercise a lot and I am getting blemishes on my back, what should I do?
Helene: We offer back facials at be Smooth to rid pimples; we apply an enzyme mask on your back and steam it for 10 minutes; this allows the papaya and pineapple enzymes to soften the skin and dislodge debris from your pores; then we follow with extractions and a soothing cream.

Client: I have been at the gym every day but I cant rid the “orange peel”
Helene: Cellulite is caused by poor lymph drainage, the lymph carries toxins away from the fatty tissues, unfortunately some of us tend to “retain water” i.e lymph and this results in spongy areas on your legs. The solution is to come for some endermologie treatments, this machine helps move the lymph towards the draining points, decongesting the bumpy areas. After 10 sessions, twice a week the skin is smoother looking.