We are serious about cellulite

I have been working with cellulite for the last 18 years and it seems there is a new miracle machine every year!

So, faced with so many choices, what should a woman do?  

-The orange peel cellulite-

The first step is to understand what cellulite really is, I have seen hundreds of cases and all have some level of “water” retention or scientifically spoken “interstitial oedema” or again lymph stagnation basically excess liquid between the cells resulting in the bumpy and spongy aspect of cellulite. You may know that like us, our cells eat, produce energy, new molecules AND WASTE. This waste is released into the lymph to be carried and cleanse in the lymph nodes or through the venous system. The lymph contrary to the blood has no pump (heart) to push it towards the lymph nodes to be cleaned. If you have poor circulation, hormone imbalance or diet rich in salt the lymph is going to sit in between the fat cells and give the skin the spongy appearance.  

-The cottage cheese cellulite-

Sometimes the person is also overweight which adds to the problem, in that case cells full of fat further compress the lymph and blood vessels therefor slowing down draining of the area. Fat cells start to multiply to accommodate more fat and the skin gets bumpier with little nodules full of fat. The good news is that at first it does not look as bumpy because the skin is taught but after a while the skin stretches and it looks like beads under the skin.  

-The painful cellulite-

When the fat tissue ages, the collagen boxes which holds the fat tissue hardens, making it even harder to move the lymph and toxins out of the area.  

-Can something be done?-

If there was a miracle out there, I would know! But here is what you can expect:
Type 1: the skin surface is smooth but you can see the dimples if you flex your muscles or pinch the skin. This stage is easy to treat and it is a good time to start cellulite treatments in order to stop the evolution of cellulite. Type 2: the “orange peel” aspect of the skin is visible when you are standing up. This type of cellulite also reacts well to treatments. Type 3: dimples are deeper and visible standing up, it is sometimes reversible but results are rarely lasting due to the apparition of oedema and fibrosis (hard and painful nodules) Type 4: due to major lack of circulation, the cellulite is very bumpy and painful. This cellulite requires surgical procedure.
There are many treatments available to you, unfortunately none does it all and chances are you will have to combine two or more: Liposuction: this is only beneficial if you actually have fat to be removed, it is important to understand that it can make an aqueous cellulite worse. The fat is sucked out via a long needle that goes back and forward into the treated area. The new liposuction machines adds laser to melt the fat in order to make it easier to aspirate. (Smart Lipo, Vaser) results are immediate but there is some down time and massage is required to avoid scar tissue, and smooth the missed areas. Cool lipo: targets small fatty areas, perfect for the abdomen, neck, back of the arm. The fat cells are frozen and the boy treats them as waste and the lymph cleanse the area. I must say this is the least invasive method with impressive results. Radio-frequency: this is beneficial if you need local fat removal and tightening of the skin. The area is heated up to a temperature that kills the fat cells, they are eventually discarded by the lymph. The positive side effect of radiofrequency is its ability to stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin therefore tightening the skin. (Vanquish, Exilis, Venus, Accent, Thermage) Ultrasounds: here again the ultrasounds target the fat cell sending a specific wave length it induces lipolysis (breaking down of a fat molecule into free fatty acids and glycerol) Infra reds: another method of heating to skin to induce the breakdown of cellulite.  

-They all do the same!-

Yes, you got it, all these fabulous machines “get rid of the fat but remember I told you cellulite was due to poor venous and lymph circulation resulting in stagnant excess fluids full of toxins. These machines can NEVER fix your circulation! If you have fat or sagging skin they will help but if your problem is poor circulation don’t waste your money!

-Is there a machine to improve circulation and lymph drainage? –

Endermologie and Vellashape can help, these machines are designed to stimulate circulation and decongest the area from the stagnant (full of toxins and released fat) lymph. Vellashape adds radio-frequency and infra-red to break down fat while massaging. The massage is minimal Endermologie stimulates circulation and drains the lymph but also adds stretching of the little boxes who imprison the fat cells, allowing better fat release. This method can help with stubborn cellulite as it helps reduce the fibrosis.  


If you have fat and can afford it, go for one of the fat killing machine and combine endermologie.
If you don’t have fat but a poor circulation come see us for a series of endermologie treatments
I pride myself in providing realistic treatments and expectations, so book a thorough consultation to help you find out what type of  cellulite you have and how lifestyle choices can affect cellulite. Read more about endermologie