How does the skins pH affects the skin in winter?

Just, what effects does pH have on the skin and how can it help your skin this winter? First as mot of us are not cosmetic chemist or dermatologist, you should know that pH is the measure of the skin acidity, it is normally pH 5.5. Inside your body the pH varies [...]

Keeping your skin hydrated this summer and avoid TEWL

We're stocking on our skin TEWL Kit! Portland has been celebrating summer’s early arrival this year, and as a Be Smooth client, we know that YOU are using and reapplying your sunscreen right? And maybe you’ve added a nice antioxidant-rich serum into your morning regimen to further protect against the sun’s UV [...]

Ditch Winter Dryness

While the change in weather this time of year is exciting in some respects (helloooooooo, boots ‘n scarves season!) the change it brings to our skin is not as warmly welcomed. That tight, itchy, skin dryness you may be all too familiar with is due to a drop in humidity, causing water [...]

Product Spotlight: Pevonia Dry Oil Body Moisturizer

[dropcap style="book"]I[/dropcap]t's no secret that Be Smooth loves Pevonia. Made with a relatively small list of ingredients and chock full of actives (in concentrations that ensure performance,) it's no wonder why this natural, eco-friendly, paraben-free brand is a favorite amongst our staff and clientele. And since we're taking time lately to talk [...]

Product Spotlight: Roger&Gallet Body Cream

[dropcap style="book"]W[/dropcap]e're celebrating great moisturizers this month by highlighting some of our favorite offerings here at Be Smooth! Remember, using a moisturizer twice a day will help seal necessary moisture into your skin and keep it hydrated, helping you maintain a healthy glow AND extend your summer tan! We find moisturizers made with oils derived [...]