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[testimonial author=”Portland’s pics.”]You know what part of being younger we miss the most? Time. The time to do things we love—like happy hour. More than anything we miss having time to go to the spa. These days, our idea of a facial consists of holding our face really, really close to the showerhead to catch some steam between shampoo and conditioner.

You might imagine our delight when we stumbled across a soon-to-be-Portland-favorite “non-spa,” Be Smooth, which offers many of the services of a traditional spa (like waxing, body treatments and facials), but with time- (and cash-) strapped ladies like us in mind. Be Smooth doesn’t take appointments, and prides itself on its affordable menu of beauty services—perfect for the lunch-break lip wax or the after-work facial. Be Smooth is for people like us (and you!) who, heaven miss it, just don’t have time to allocate for hours of spa services.

We were instantly enamored with this new model of beauty treatment. The same awesome spa services without the fuss? Get out of town! With Be Smooth we can finally stop lamenting over our lost spa days, and work on reclaiming time for happy hour!.[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”Theresa H, Yelp review.”]This was the greatest waxing experience I’ve ever had.  In the past, I’ve left salons feeling like the Sweeney Todd of waxing attacked me, but not at Be Smooth.  The service was thorough and efficient and I definitely plan to return in a few weeks for maintenance.  The woman who performed my services(her name escapes me now ugh!) was amazing.  She kept me so engaged in conversation that I practically forgot about what was going on down below.  Also she gave me some good advice on making friends around town, as I’m new to the area. All in all great place. Definitely going back.[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”Alex L, Yelp review.”]I bought a Groupon for three of the VIP slimming treatments, and on the day I went in for my second treatment they had messed up the scheduling and I wasn’t on the schedule.  Helene felt so bad she gave me another treatment for free!  I wasn’t even upset but she really went the extra mile to fix it.  She is actually a chemist by trade, so that gives you an idea of her level of expertise as far as your skin goes.  This place is great, there’s no frills…kind of “down and dirty” in a good way.  It’s high quality treatments for a good price and they are fast!  Definitely recommend [/testimonial]
[testimonial author=”C.E.”]The owner is wonderful! My brows where a mess  and she reshaped them to a work of art! They sell really great products, and you wont find better pricing for this quality of waxing anywhere in Portland. I have also been there for a brazilian and it was basically painless. I will be coming back![/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”The Oregonian”]Lawless’ French origin is nearly as evident throughout her salon as it is in her noticeable accent. All of the product lines and boutique gifts she sells in the store are from France; even the music that can be heard from the front door is French. Read more…[/testimonial]