Product Spotlight: Roger&Gallet Body Cream

We’re celebrating great moisturizers this month by highlighting some of our favorite offerings here at Be Smooth! Remember, using a moisturizer twice a day will help seal necessary moisture into your skin and keep it hydrated, helping you maintain a healthy glow AND extend your summer tan!

We find moisturizers made with oils derived from nuts and seeds are especially long-lasting and great at softening the skin. Many even boast other skin benefits, such as anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties!

Our selection of Roger&Gallet body creams, for example, are made with illipe seed butter, a lesser-known but just as beneficial ingredient as more popular butters, such as shea and cocoa. Made in France following 150 years of perfuming and cosmetic tradition, Roger&Gallet offers a variety of fragrant bath a body products. Stop by our spa and choose between ginger, rose, and green tea scented body creams!